Menya Media

Burundi, Africa of the Great Lakes.

Development by means of culture and the medias.

Target public : Burundi, its artists, its population and that of the region of the Great Lakes.

Our tools :

–          A young and pluridisciplinary team

–          Dynamism enough

–          Creativity in action

Our principles :

–          Always start from real needs

–          Use and develop local female and male potentials

–          Create employment, economic dynamics

Our three programs of intervention :

–          Communication

–          Culture

–          audio-visual

Menya Media : concrete, only concrete…

Menya Media : 10 years of actions and powerful realizations :

–          the first numerical studio of Burundi,

–          thousands of young people made sensitive to the struggle against Aids by means of music, by means of posters, by means of powerful actions,

–          tens of artists launched at local and international levels,

–          tens of documentaries produced and broadcasted,

–          the film ‘NA WEWE’ nominated for the Oscars, co-produced and supervised as executive producer,

–          young people trained, jobs created,…


Legally Menya Media consists of two sister NPOs (non-profit-making organization) :

Menya Media NPO Burundi that has been concretely active in Burundi and in the region of the Great Lakes since 2001


Menya Media International NPO Belgium created in 2010 in order to reinforce, multiply and internationalize the actions of Menya Media Burundi.

Menya Media Burundi has at its disposal equipped offices, an administrative infrastructure and a fully equipped and operational video studio and sound studio.